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Adventure Sport

Here are 3 personalities Loïc admired for their total commitment, their innovation and pioneering spirit ...

Reinhold Messner


René Desmaison

Patrick Berhault



Yann VACHER evokes Loïc and his musical influences.
"Pote of college, with Loïc they were room-mate 2CV, music scene, home, or shelters and cliffs."
"A member of 'p'tits copains', a troop of STAPS sharing meals, sport and music"
Or more seriously:
"Teacher and researcher at the University of Corsica, singer Peanuts and Loïc faculty's buddy"

Loïc and music

The body
It will surprise no one but Loïc and music is above all a carnal history. As in climbing or snorkeling, Loïc was looking for this musical wave that runs through his body. By blowing his harmonica, by hitting the skin of congas, or dancing on the bass, Loïc loved to feel his body caught in the rhythm. The solo harmonica to the percussive locomotive, the entire range of carnal pleasures and musical happening one day at his desk.

The others
Play was also Loïc sharing; play with, play for.
Friends improvised beef or more stable formation, Loïc giving and receiving of others generously. But it was also "play to" do the show, be first in line. Harmonica soloist or singer / dancer with peanuts, Loïc imagined star and didn't care a bit

Les Peanuts

Yann Vacher et Christophe Creuly, another student friend evoke the band they created together ...

« Les Peanuts is 3 things


Anything, anything and ... anything.
A garage band in the etymological sense of the term... Solid no musical training (miss more than that), only the drummer Hugo pianist was !
Let the Peanuts are not a band but a noise group and friends. Desperate to be together, that it shows ... and hear!
The groove was permanent but inaccessible quest. Tof, bass, yet tried to place his modest binotal directory, but nothing worked.
Yet energy, there flowed through the amps and jacks. Yoc (guitar) and Hugo try to fit the team well but the latter remained wild. Singing and dancing, with Loïc, we realize boldly. Sing off half naked songs that we did not know was among the displaced group norms. When guests arrive (James Dean on guitar, sax Olive L., Olive O. to the percussion musical frail skiff took off.
Energy, yet energy; anyway no choice, with friendship there was it only !!!
Like all great groups (sic), the balance could not last (friendship yes) and from 1993 to 1995 the group had 5 concerts... But what concerts
In fact Peanuts is 2 things : Anything, anything »

"Just the name of the group is a synthesis of everything that can be said about this music thing ... In any case rest assured the years pass but nothing would change if we replayed. I remain convinced.
A long time ago we find most often in the mountains with Loïc on the college bench and it was normal. Loïc was driving with a 2CV without brakes which one was operating the accelerator by hand using a cable .... and again, it was normal. Rehearsals? Did not .. Normal .. scales to refine the sound of the concert either .. Normal. The concert that you can see on Youtube makes me smile every time. Initially a springboard Rock, it has played as Funk Festif... Normal.
.. In all I will give to revive the expensive set.. »
Creuly Christophe say 'ToF' Basse

la chaine des Peanuts
Long train

The effort
As to achieve the high level apnea Loïc spends a lot of time learning the music. First percussion with olive Oberson then himself on harmonica in his college dormitory room. Disks of Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson and Jean-Jacques Milteau turn loop sometimes to the chagrin of its neighbors ... An obsession with the absolute, touch the blue note and no longer be song ... Touch the deepest part and nothing more ...

The escape
Finally the music is escapism, Coldplay installed to helmet ... a door opened to let go. But the escape was also fun. Roof open in the 2CV, Arrested Development saturating the modest speakers and notes that resonates in the valleys of the hinterland of Nice ... Escape in music, take off surfing notes that speak to us.



For Loïc this music is a gateway to history. The difficulty of being hidden in the riffs of his harmonica. A communion with broken life he was or whom he met. A field of expression of its ills and anxieties.

Robert Johnson

Sonny Boy Williamson

Junior Wells and Buddy Guy
Man Blues

John Lee Hooker
Atlantic City 89

James Cotton
James Cotton site
Slow Blues

Sugar Blue

2005 Loïc et Sugar Blue during a set at the « Note Bleue » in Monaco

Lucky Peterson

Billy Branch

Hoochie Coochie Man
Hoochie Coochie Man

Jean-Jacques Milteau
Long time gone

John William Coltrane

Cuban salsa
The energy overflowed congas. He danced with the hands, vibrate with the body, freed, as in sport, a youthful fire.

Eddie Palmieri

Bacalao Con Pan

It was the dance and song, the copied sentences and phrases or invented to put the chin and to fill their heads. And this song, James, Macéo, Keziah ... the chance of showman enlisted by the groove.

James Brown

Tower of Power
Down to the Nightclub

Maceo Parker
Shake everything you've got

Kezia Jones
Rythm Is Love

The meeting with the technique and the blue note: Miles, Coltrane. Even if he doesn't play, he admired the precision, creativity and emotion. For him Hendrix was a Jazzman it's It's certain. In jazz he finds the absolute and perfection, effort and ease ...

Ravi Shankar

Red Hot chilly pepper

Rage against the Machine

Grandmaster Flash


Beastie boys : Live at PJ's


Photos of concert:


Shoot to kill



Lily of the Valley

The Shark

Les Squatters

Pascal Mono

Bernard Abeille