©JM Cottalorda

-75m record de France Poids variable

Précédent Record : Yoram Zékri à – 70m

Profondeur : -75m

Discipline : variable weight

Date : 1996 November

Lieu : Rade of Villefranche-sur-Mer off the tip of Gavinette

Météo : Quiet and sunny

Gueuse : Sharkan

Dispositif de sécurité : 2 divers, Claude and Olive

Équipe : Pierre, Yoram, Olivier, Duduche, Mathilde, Jean-Marc dit Minitoc, Marco, Franck Tessier, Joseph, Claude.....

Échauffement : 2 runs to warm up to 40m

Température eau : 18°c

Sponsor : Submarine like all freedivers the NUC (Nice University Club)

Anecdotes :

Loïc was still spent more than three months to organize the first World Championship in 1996 with Claude and Olivier.
In water as safety freedivers, there Yoram Zékri Loïc just beat 5m. This record will resume carrying the 80m bar. There also will beat Pierre Frolla Yoram his turn putting the 82m bar. Val to stopwatch in front of Novamarine.